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Photos of Federica Nargi’s Feet, toes, barefoot and Legs

Federica Nargi is an Italian television personality, model, and actress. She is best known for her roles on the popular Italian reality shows Grande Fratello VIP (Big Brother VIP) and Isola de Famosi (Celebrity Island). She previously competed in the ‘Miss Italia’ pageant in 2006. Nargi was born in Rome on December 2nd, 1988. She was passionate about ballet and attended the Maestro Simon Tavella school of dance as a child. In college she studied fashion design. In 2011 she married former Italian professional soccer player Alessandro Matri.

Federica Nargi is an Italian model, social media personality and actress. She rose to fame after appearing on the TV show “Velone” in 2008 and has since gone on to become a celebrity in her native Italy. She regularly posts videos and images on her popular Instagram account, which currently has over 4.2 million followers. Federica began her career as a model in 2009 and has since been featured in several magazines, commercials and campaigns for various brands, such as Clarins and Giorgio Armani. She has also appeared in many Italian films, including Che Tempo che fa (2010) with Luca Argentero and Notti d’Estate (2011) with Riccardo Scamarcio. In addition to modeling and acting, Federica also is an ambassador for Istituto Marangoni and regularly promotes sustainability, fashion and wellness through her Instagram account.

Federica Nargi is an Italian television personality, model and former beauty pageant contestant. She has long and voluminous dark brown hair, often styled for her various appearances on television. She also has captivating brown eyes that stand out among her features. When it comes to her feet and toes, she often shows them off in open sandals or strappy high-heeled shoes. Her toes are typically long and well-pedicured with light pink or other neutral colored nail polish. Federica’s legs are thin yet toned, with lean muscles evident in her calves and thighs. When photographed barefoot, she often sports an impeccable French Pedicure that only serves to highlight her elegant feet. Her barefoot walks in the sand also show off a strong arch that many admire as an enviable feature of her physique.

Federica Nargi is known for her excellent fashion sense, which often includes showing off her long and toned legs, as well as her delicate feet and toes. The Italian model and TV presenter has a reputation for looking flawless even when she goes barefoot, revealing delicate size 35 feet with perfectly pedicured toes. Her legs are slender and shapely, making her the perfect fit for any style of clothing she chooses to don. No matter what the season may be, Federica Nargi always looks put-together—even when showing off those sexy bare feet!

Federica Nargi is a beautiful Italian fashion model, popular for her iconic long legs and tanned skin. The 5’7″ beauty has perfectly toned feet and toes. She loves to go around barefoot, flaunting her lovely pedicures. Her pointed toes with bright colored toenail paints are definitely the talk of the town. Her slim figure paired with her delicate feet and legs look stunning in any form of dress. She has well-defined calf muscles and thighs which make her legs look picture-perfect from any angle.

Discover the pics of Federica Nargi’s Feet, toes, barefoot and Legs

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