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Photos of Jeana Smith’s Feet, toes, barefoot and Legs

Jeana Smith is an American television personality, actress and businesswoman. She is best known for her roles as one of the main cast members on the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” from 2009 to 2012 and its subsequent spin-offs “Family Vacation” since 2018 and “Reunion Road Trip” in 2017. She is also the founder/owner of entertainment company J SQUARED Entertainment, which produces a variety of projects ranging from smaller independent film productions to reality Television shows and events. Jeana (born in Pickerington, Ohio) first ventured out into the public spotlight when MTV’s Jersey Shore hit airwaves in late 2009.

Jeana Smith is a lifestyle and fashion YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers. She is known for her high energy, positive attitude, and willingness to always try something new. Jeana has been modeling, acting, and dancing since the age of fifteen. Jeana Smith grew up in a small town in Oregon and attended Oregon State University for a year before moving to Los Angeles. She launched her YouTube channel in 2013 with her then-boyfriend Jesse Wellens, whom she had met at a music video shoot. The two formed an inseparable team; Jesse filmed Jeana’s videos while she acted as director and creative director. Today they have their own production company PMStudio with over forty employees that help produce their content. Jeana focuses on all aspects of lifestyle, including fashion, home decorating, cooking, DIY projects and travel vlogging. In addition to her collaborations with brands such as Aeropostale and HelloGiggles, Jeana runs several successful product lines including clothing lines featuring her own designs as well as bespoke pieces from other designers. She also co-created the mobile game Egg Riot where players interact with characters from Dr Phil McGraw’s show The Doctors. In October 2019 she launched her own podcast titled LifeWithJeana: Conversations That Matter where she talks about social issues, pop culture topics and shares stories about her life. Jeana recently married Michael Dever in June 2020. The couple celebrated the wedding in an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and friends in Las Vegas followed by an eastern Oregon wedding later that summer where they released butterflies into the night sky during one of their vows to each other!

Jeana Smith has ten delicate and slim toes, each with their own distinct shape. Her feet have a light tan tone that contrasts beautifully with her creamy soft skin. Her toes have short, neatly trimmed nails that are kept carefully maintained. The top of her bare feet have a soft arch that is reflected in her calves as well as her well-toned legs. Her leg muscles are strong and slender but not overly bulky or muscular. Her steps have an elegant grace to them when she walks and she takes special care in finding the perfect footwear for any occasion.

Jeana Smith has slim and toned legs, perfect for showing off her sleek, stylish pedicure. Her toes are perfectly manicured and painted with a flattering, neutral hue. She keeps her feet de-fuzzed to maintain their natural beauty and softness, and often enjoys walking around the house in her barefoot. However, before she steps out into public, she always makes sure to slip on a pair of fashionable heels or sandals to showcase her beautiful feet.

Jeana Smith’s feet and legs are both slender and toned. Her toes are dainty, tapering neatly to the end. When she is barefoot, her feet have a natural rosy hue. Her legs are long, shapely, and free of blemishes. Her skin is smooth and silky, with no visible marks or moles. She wears open-toed shoes in summer for a classic yet modern look and dresses up her ankles with delicate ankle bracelets during most other seasons. Jeana takes great pride in the presentation of her feet and legs since she finds such features attractive and flattering.

Discover the pics of Jeana Smith’s Feet, toes, barefoot and Legs

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