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Photos of Saweetie’s Feet, toes, barefoot and Legs

Saweetie is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter born on July 2, 1993 in Santa Clara, California. Her real name is Diamonté Harper. She is of half-Black and half-Filipino descent. She is best known for her hit single “My Type” which was released in 2018 and peaked at number 23 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. She has numerous other tracks that have been featured on TV shows such as Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and Empire. Besides rapping she has also made appearances in films and television shows such as Good Trouble and High Maintenance.

Saweetie (real name Diamonté Harper) is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is best known for her hit song “My Type”, which peaked at number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She started out as an Instagram personality before starting her music career in 2017 with the release of her single “Icy Girl”, which quickly went viral and launched her career. Since then, she has released numerous EPs and appeared on many mixtapes, albums and singles by other artists including Quavo and Tyga. Saweetie is signed to Warner Bros Records and Artistry Worldwide.

Saweetie’s feet are both petite and long, with a length of 7.5 inches (19 cm). She has long, slender toes that match her petite size and add to her overall air of classic elegance. Saweetie also has smooth skin on her feet and around her toes. She often shows them off by wearing open-toed shoes or going barefoot from time to time. When it comes to her legs, Saweetie has attractive curves that draw attention to her slender frame. Her legs are toned and shapely, with a length of 33 inches (85 cm). She enjoys showing them off in bodycon dresses, high heels and skirts that show just the right amount of skin for maximum impact.

Saweetie is known for her killer style and signature swag. When it comes to her feet, she is loyal to keeping them looking neat. Saweetie’s toes are filed into a perfect almond shape and decorated with clear polish. Her feet are often seen out in the open in strappy sandals and flats, but occasionally she chooses to go barefoot for more informal occasions. Her legs are toned, muscular, and just as stylish as the rest of her look. She often wears bright leggings or tights with her sneakers or ankle boots for a fun twist on traditional streetwear.

Saweetie has a petite frame and stands at 5’2″. Her signature style is accessorised with gold accents, often seen adorning her iconic sneaker collection. As for her feet and legs, Saweetie takes great care to ensure that she looks her best at all times. Her long, slim toes are painted in either a clear or classic nude hue. The Los Angeles-based artist also boasts stunning ankles due to her toned calves and thighs. As for those barefoot moments, Saweetie’s feet are smooth and go naturally tan during the summer months – creating a beautiful contrast to the white nail polish she is often seen wearing. When it comes to her longer legs, the beauty of Saweetie lies in the details – from sculpted upper leg muscles to toned quadriceps – these make for a striking silhouette that further adds to the overall aesthetic of her effortlessly chic style.

Discover the pics of Saweetie’s Feet, toes, barefoot and Legs

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